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Steel is our passion
Stainless steel components on a high level
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We have been designing and manufacturing for you for over 45 years Charging devices for industrial furnaces and heat treatment systems in cast and welded design.

We offer you everything from a single source, a large warehouse Sheets, round bars and pipes ensure fast Care.

A complete machine park enables us to do the whole thing In-house production.

Flexibility, economy and technical competence are our strength in the production of high quality cast and Stainless steel components.

Our sales department, supported by experienced consultants, takes happy to meet the interests of our customers. In cooperation with production and quality assurance we will offer you problem solutions that give you a ensure sure success.

We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015

Should your desired product not appear on our website please contact us, our technicians will be happy to find a solution for you.

Charging racks and built-in parts for shaft and hood furnaces

Our retorts, retort lids, guide cylinders, frames and fans are high-quality parts made of stainless steel.
Each component consists of heat, acid and rust-resistant materials such as Incoloy, Inconel, Hasteloy and
titanium. Thanks to our machine park, we have the means to manufacture all product parts for you in
the highest quality.













Components for muffle furnaces

Muffles, rockers, cooling channels

Charging devices and built-in parts for vacuum, inert gas and pusher furnaces

Grids, grate structures, wire mesh, expanded metal

Charging devices and components for other furnaces

Annealing hoods, crown sticks, fan units, fan wheels, hearth rolls

Charging aids

Wire mesh, wire mesh baskets, guide grids made of wire mesh / pressure welded mesh, expanded metal

Loading baskets

Charging baskets in cast / welded design